M.A.C.E (Module And Course Evaluation) System V2.1.14 
Sunday 29th May 2022 9:44 am

The MACE system is now completely disabled, as per the email copied below.

If you have any queries regarding the Accelerate system please contact accelerate@exeter.ac.uk

Sent: 29 July 2016 14:14

Dear EBPs (cc:Accelerate Super-users),

Having completed an academic year trialling and using Accelerate, the University is following its original plan to deactivate MACE, prior to the Autumn Term. With 1st and 2nd year students now having completed End of Term 1, End of Term 2 and End of Year Programme Level Surveys, we feel that Accelerate has become embedded within the staff and student community and co-use of MACE in the next academic year would complicate matters and potentially confuse students.

Given that Accelerate has been used by all Colleges for all modules, except CEMPS and the Medical School, and that Tom Crosswell has been in touch previously with these Colleges, to set up super-users, we hope this won't come as a shock for you. My understanding is that, essentially, MACE will be inactivated at the normal time (so giving your Administrators sufficient time to download and archive this year's MACE, if you've used it), but just not come back online again late September. Richard Autherson in IT will be in contact shortly with more details.

I would be grateful if you could cascade this down to your Departmental Administrators - remembering that support is available for Accelerate next term through your Super-users. Tom is now off from the University until 1st week of September but, at that point, he'll be back to support you all centrally with regards to Accelerate - obviously concentrating on making sure CEMPS and UEMS are happy.

All the best


Dr James G. Wakefield
Associate Academic Dean for Students